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Google Stadia acquires Journey to the Savage Planet developer

Google Stadia Details Negative Latency

Google’s Stadia team has had a pretty rough few months. The time ahead of launch was pretty meager in terms of hype. Some gamers were excited about the prospect of cloud-based gaming, but the lacking features spoiled the fun for some. The low number of starter titles on the roster, with only 22 games at launch, also turned off plenty of potential customers. Now Google has steadily been trying to improve the service to bring people into the fold.And with a new acquisition, Google may be on the right path. The mega-corporation has now acquired Typhoon Studio, the team behind Journey to Savage Planet.

Jade Raymond, the head of Stadia, has said the following about the acquisition, “We’re super-excited to be able to be working with this crew because they’re a team that has done amazing work on amazing games.”

If you’re just hearing about this game now, check it out in the trailer down below. Typhoon Studio was founded by Reid Schneider and Alex Hutchinson, who worked on various legendary Ubisoft titles, looking to branch out. The upcoming release of Journey to Savage Planet, will be the studio’s first game. Journey to Savage Planet is a strange concept, as you’re sent deep into the outer solar systems of the galaxy, scouting alien planets to see which ones are habitable. Of course, because it’s hilarious, you’re stuck with the lowest quality of support and equipment. See if you can survive these alien

The game will still be coming out for the Xbox One and PS4 consoles, as well as a Stadia port. Typhoon Studio will be joining the Google team as a subsidiary. The game will be coming out on January 28, 2020.

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