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Outward developers discuss co-op gameplay with new trailer

Outward RPG Trailer

Another developer diary just dropped for Outward, the mix of brutal open-world RPG gameplay and grim themes that make the dangerous and oppressive world feel that much more alive.

The new RPG from Deep Silver takes the normal trappings and themes of open-world RPGs and turns them on their heads. The game randomizes the layouts of items, enemies and even the layout of different quests, all to make each playthrough more unique. The big focus, next to dealing with the survival mechanics, is all about growing your power through combat and spellcasting.

Gameplay in Outward is much more titled towards a realistic and difficult take on the typical RPG trappings. The experience blends tough combat with a need to survive that can quickly overwhelm an unprepared player. The game features a huge assortment of weapons, traps, and magic,  each with their own uses and effective mechanics. And you will need to combine these tools with the combat system in creative ways in order to survive. It’s vital that a player use these techniques and tools in sync, making the already overwhelming challenges that much easier.

Players will also be able to take on this dangerous world as either a solo adventure, or in a co-op setting, either locally or online. And players working together will face a different challenges as the game tweaks things to ratchet up the difficulty.

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Outward releases on March 26th, 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You should check out the latest trailer for the RPG if the description of it appeals to you, that’s down below. There’s also other developer diaries about the game, if you want to check those out.

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