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Starlink: Battle for Atlas shows off toys and accessories in new trailer

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Fox McCloud and Mason Rana

Ubisoft has released another new trailer for Starlink: Battle for Atlas; a title that mixes toys with in-game features.

The newest trailer for the game is all about the toys and accessories that go hand-in-hand with the gameplay mechanics. These objects take the form of player ships that appear within the game, for example, Star Fox’s Arwing is exclusive to the Switch version. The interchangeable nature of parts on your ship allows for some pretty unique, and often strange, setups that normally wouldn’t work in a hardcore space sim. But because the game plays it pretty fast and loose with the rules, you can have fun with the whole system. Slapping on a bunch of wings and boosters before going into a crazy tailspin to get behind your opponent is totally a viable option. It’s this kind of creativity that we get a tease of in the trailer.

The live-action bits within the trailer showcase a pair of kids as they play the game and customize the various weapons and other attachments on their ship. This customization ties into the core gameplay loop as needing to modify your loadout on the fly is a crucial element that’s necessary for success in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. There’s singleplayer and co-op action for gamers to enjoy

Check out the trailer for the game down below. Starlink: Battle for Atlas is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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