Can Farm Animals Die in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley 1.5 update

As you get your first animals in Stardew Valley, you really want to focus on taking care of them. Feeding the new pets and animals well is pretty important, as it can affect your final profit for each of their various related products. But new players might be concerned by the idea of the possibility that farm animals die in Stardew Valley. So can they? Let’s look into that and answer your questions.

Can Farm Animals Die in Stardew Valley?

As you play on the farm, there are also many random events that can happen. Things can go wrong, and most players want to avoid that. And yes, it can actually happen. Farm animals in Stardew Valley can die, but it doesn’t happen as easily as you might think.

You might think that farm animals die in Stardew Valley when you starve them, but that’s not quite true. If you don’t feed your animals in Stardew Valley,  they will end up hating you, but that’s it. They don’t die in this case. But the bigger problem when you don’t feed your livestock is that they don’t produce any resources. So, for example, if you don’t feed chickens, you don’t get any eggs. Be sure to get an auto-feeder when you have the chance and keep it stocked up to avoid this.

How Farm Animals Can Die in Stardew Valley

The only method by which livestock can die in this game is that you actually leave them outside. When they’re safely tucked away in their pens or other enclosures, they’re going to be fine. This only happens if you close the Barn/Coop door before all the animals get in, leaving them stuck outside. Even if you leave the animals outside and don’t close the barn door, though, this doesn’t occur.

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Usually, the best way to keep your farm animals alive in Stardew Valley is to just leave the barn door open. The wild animals won’t get in and take out your livestock if you do, so it’s fine to leave it unlocked.

You can actually block the way into your Barn if you place objects directly in front of it, so keep that in mind. You don’t get the same problem as closing the door, but it’s still kind of annoying.

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