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PlayStation will end direct Twitter Support in November 2022

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Shortly after a massive wave of marketing for new features and services, PlayStation has decided that it will cancel 1-to-1 support via Twitter. The push to get users new ways to communicate via the PlayStation platform has taken years to develop, and Sony has been pushing for more innovative approaches to communicating with users that move beyond platforms like social media. Their efforts will now focus on more traditional support methods via a knowledge base and the Sony site.

Here’s the official statement from “Ask PlayStation”, which is supposed to offer support between 8AM – 7PM pacific daylight time. The announcement will see the end of formal support and feedback for users via Twitter, on August 1 of this year.

Support of any kind for the largest companies, both within and without the gaming industry, can be hard to get. Massive corporations are notorious for poor support, and that’s a big problem with gaming. Gamers want to keep playing, and major issues make them very angry. Players enjoy having more direct access to support. Seeing this get shut down was probably a foregone conclusion, though. Maybe too few people made use of it, or too many did so. Either way, Sony likely wasn’t willing to invest more funds into the staff to maintain the service.

Given the rollout of PlayStation Plus and the success that’s likely to come, Sony will likely be wanting to get ready for a deluge of customer issues and inquiries. The users are sure to let their feelings known on this if it affects them. Though it’s unlikely to make too many waves in the industry. Whatever Sony has planned, its efforts are going to be huge for the console gaming industry.

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