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Among Us on consoles could be a thing in the future for PS4 and Xbox One

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The launch of Among Us has caused quite a stir on the internet. The gaming scene at large has been thrown into a major tizzy for the social deduction multiplayer game. The players on some consoles feel a bit left out of the fun though. The game has been rumored to be getting expanded support for more platforms, but there’s been no official confirmation.

The game is already out on Nintendo Switch, and seeing some pretty major success. If the game were to jump to PlayStation or Xbox, it would be much sooner than many would expect. If anything there’s a better chance of it coming to the next-gen PS5 or XSX first, as those will soon get much better support from the manufacturer as the older consoles are phased out.

Having Among Us on consoles other than the Switch could be great, but there may be some issues. Both of these platforms charge for multiplayer and other premium services. Nintendo, of the big three console names, is the cheapest option if you go for a family plan; so it could be that the devs are waiting to see the adoption of the second-biggest console on the market before moving on to PS4 or Xbox.

So far the game has only been out on PC and mobile devices, so there’s been a much bigger market for the game and new content. The push for new cosmetics and maps in the game has also helped it gain plenty of success. Players have enjoyed what there is, but they’re very hungry for new maps and mechanics to help flesh out the game. It’s very likely that the developers are working on that instead of a full port to a new console with a smaller potential audience.

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If we were to speculate about Among Us ports would be next, it would be PS4 if we were going on pure user numbers. The Xbox could be in contention for the next port as well thanks to pull from Microsoft though. It’s important to note that this is all pure speculation though.

For now, you can play Among Us on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices. The game is a very cheap $5 for what you get, and gets regular free content.

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