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A new Crash Bandicoot game could be in the works

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

Activision has been having a bit of a rough day today, mostly over statements made by CEO Bobby Kotick. But for fans of their most well-known games, it’s been a bit of an easier day. Fans of one particular wild animal are pretty happy. That’s because some new evidence has been revealed that strongly hints at a new Crash Bandicoot game that could be coming.

The evidence for this claim is somewhat shaky though, so take it for what you will. During PlayStation’s new It’s Time to Play advert, we see a few familiar faces. Crash, Coco, and Dr. N. Cortex zoom around a real-world parking structure. The background is what everyone was focused on though, as something unique was spotted. eagle-eyed fans have spotted a strange mask floating behind Crash.

Other details littered throughout the video piqued interest as well. For example, a new character model for Crash seen on the side of a bus, fueling more speculation. So while all of this doesn’t directly confirm a new game in the works, fans are excited. Things got so exciting that fans began hounding for more reveals and secrets. This hunt landed on Toys for Bob artist Nicholas Kole, who later retweeted various fan inquiries or other details.

Nothing has been said outright, but it feels like things are definitely moving in the background. The whole host of details is certainly pretty suspect, and fans agree that there’s a pretty strong correlation between all this new imagery and a new announcement. Leakers of the internet agree. Leakers on 4Chan claim that the mask and Crash’s new look tally with the new Crash game that Activision is supposedly working on. Titled “Crash Bandicoot Worlds”, suggesting that this new title would be a pretty big departure for the franchise.

If these leaks prove true, Crash Bandicoot Worlds would be an open-world title with some new gameplay mechanics. For example, the game would have three brand new masks of power for players to fool around with. Though none of this has been confirmed, the title could be released in 2020 according to these leaks.

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