How to farm for cards fast in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution coming to Switch

As we pointed out in our review of Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution, there’s a big problem with the game. The biggest annoyance in the game is the grindy nature of earning new cards. You have to play duels to earn DP, then spend that DP in the card shop to get more cards. There are so many packs and cards though, that it makes it much harder to target your farming efforts.

How to farm DP

That’s easy, just give up. By going into any duel, placing the cursor over the deck and pressing A, a Surrender prompt will appear. The game will end the duel when you confirm it. You will be rewarded with a small bundle of DP, around 1,000 per duel, and a random card award from your opponent’s deck. This means that the fastest ways to farm cards in the game involve simple starting and immediately surrendering every duel. As you normally only get around 3,000 DP for winning a duel, and it takes far longer than 10 seconds to win most duels. You can easily farm hundreds of thousands of DP for packs if you’re patient enough.

How to get certain cards

A mild variation here is to use the Swap Duel feature in tandem with the Surrender farming to get the cards you want. Let’s use the card Pot of Greed as an example. You can get this card from the Bakura Booster Pack as a Rare, or you can do the Surrender loop in the Evil Joey Duel in the first campaign. By using the Swap feature, you can get awarded a Card Award when you a lose a duel from both NPCs. This is a great way to get all of the cards in a certain campaign deck. It also works well with the method mentioned below to target farm powerful cards.

if you do want to get into the grind and enjoy opening literally thousands of packs to get all the cards, just worry about the Surrender loop. Otherwise, you will want to focus on grinding out the cards you really want via Swap Surrenders and then open the packs you want most.

Booster Packs Explained

The best way to get most cards is to open packs. And with more than 9,000 cards in the game, there are a lot of them to open. Players looking for a certain type of card will want to know where to look. Usually, packs will have an archetype that they are defined by, like Mai’s booster being built around Harpy Lady and other variants and support cards. Each booster pack listed below has a few archetypes that it applies to, and support cards for that grouping. You will want to open the boosters that have the cards you want. Use the methods above to know where to farm for DP.

There is a way around all of this though, as you can simply search the game data. TheCardHub has put together a search feature that allows you to input any named card in the game into it, returning any booster packs and duelists that reward that card. If you need to complete a specific deck, this search feature is a godsend. Simply search the card you want and go after that pack or duel.



  • Exodia archetype
  • Gravekeepers archetype
  • Basic Link monsters
  • Skill canceling cards
  • Field Spells

Mai Valentine

  • Harpy Lady Archetype
  • Amazoness Archetype
  • Guardians Archetype
  • Basic Insects and Insect Support
  • Summon Sorceress
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  • Toons Archetype
  • Agents Archetype
  • Basic Zombies and Zombie Support
  • Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode
  • Destiny Board Cards
  • Basic Fiends and Fiend Support

Joey Wheeler

  • Red Eyes Black Dragon
  • Jinzo archetype
  • Incantations/Ritual Cards and Support
  • Aura Support

Seto Kaiba

  • Blue Eyes White Dragon
  • Thunder Dragon Archetype
  • Heralds Archetype
  • Cubics Archetype
  • Fairy Tales Archetype
  • ABC/XYZ Union Cards

Yugi Moto

  • Dark Magician
  • Buster Blader
  • Gadgets Archetype
  • Magna Warriors Archetype
  • Black Luster Soldier and Gaia Support

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Alexis Rhodes

  • Cyber Angels Archetype
  • Nekroz
  • Archfiends Archetype
  • Gemini Archetype
  • Dark Scorpion Gang
  • Solemn Judgement
  • Several Forbidden/Limited Cards

Bastion Misawa

  • Dark World Archetype
  • Elemental Lord Archetype
  • Vampire Archetype
  • Basic Dinosaurs and Dino Support
  • Frog Archetype
  • Darkest Diabolos

Chazz Princeton

  • Ojamas Archetype
  • Armed Dragons and other LV Support
  • Arcana Force
  • Spirit Monsters

Syrus Truesdale

  • Cyber Dragon Archetype
  • Cyber Dark Archetype
  • Roid Archetype
  • Volcanics Archetype
  • Cloudians Archetype

Jesse Anderson

  • Crystal Beast Archetype
  • Koa’ki Meirus Archetype
  • Venom and Worms Support
  • Fairy Tale Support
  • Shaddols Archetype

Jaden Yuki

  • Elemental HERO Archetype
  • Evil HERO Archetype
  • Winged Kuriboh Support
  • Destiny HERO Archetype
  • Neo Spacian Support
  • Yubel
  • Masked HERO Support
  • Super Polymerization

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds

Tetsu Trudge

  • Goyo Guardian
  • Six Samurai Archetype
  • Karakuri Archetype
  • Ice Barrier Support
  • SPYRAL Archetype
  • Alien Archetype


  • Handtraps
  • Jurrac Archetype
  • Machina Archetype
  • Dragunity Archetype
  • Vylon Archetype
  • Morphtronic Archetype
  • Symphonic Archetype

Akiza Izinski

  • Gusto Archetype
  • Reptiles and Reptile Support
  • Lightsworn Archetype
  • Psychics and Psychic Support
  • Black Rose Dragon and Plant Support

Jack Atlas

  • Red Dragon Archfiend Support
  • Resonator Tuners
  • Ally of Justice Archetype
  • Infernity Archetype
  • Batteryman Archetype
  • Fortune Lady Archetype

Crow Hogan

  • Black Wing Archetype
  • Naturia Archetype
  • Mist Valley Archetype
  • Fabled Archetype
  • Nordic God Archetype
  • Laval Archetype

Yusei Fudo

  • Junk Archetype
  • Stardust Dragon Support
  • T.G. Archetype
  • Earthbound Immortals
  • Malefic Archetype
  • Meklord Archetype

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexel


  • Ghostrick Archetype
  • Train Support
  • Evolsaur Archetype
  • Hazy Flame Support
  • Subterror Support
  • Madolche Archetype
  • Bujin Support
  • Fire First Archetype
  • Tour Guide Cards
  • Droll & Lock Bird


  • Gimmick Puppet Archetype
  • Heroic Champion Archetype
  • Mecha Phantom Beast Archetype
  • Noble Knight Archetype
  • Artifact Archetype
  • Chronomalie Archetype
  • Wind-Up Archetype


  • Galaxy-Eyes Support
  • Photon Archetype
  • Heraldic Beast Archetype
  • Heretic Archetype
  • Steelswarm Archetype
  • Evilswarm Archetype
  • Inzektor Archetype


  • Sharks/Fish/Penguins Support
  • Mermail Archetype
  • Atlantean Archetype
  • Battlin’ Boxer Archetype
  • Weather Painter Archetype
  • Geshki Archetype
  • Gorgonic Archetype
  • Dragon Ruler Archetype


  • Utopia Support
  • Gagaga, Gogogo, and Dododo
  • Number XYZ Cards
  • Spellbook Archetype

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V


  • Superheavy Samurai Archetype
  • Shiranui
  • Scrap Archetype
  • X-Saber Archetype
  • Windwitch Archetype
  • Speedroid
  • Psy-Frame Archetype
  • Crystrons
  • Prediction Princess
  • Triamids
  • Fur Hires
  • Flower Cardians


  • Frightfur Archetype
  • Melodious Archetype
  • Ancient Gear Archetype
  • Gem-Knight Archetype
  • Lunalight Archetype
  • Gladiator Beast Archetype
  • Predaplant Support


  • Raidraptor Archetype
  • Phantom Knight Archetype
  • Magical Muskateers
  • Ninja Support
  • Sylvans
  • Burning Abyss
  • Stellarknight Archetype
  • Paleozoic Archetype
  • Sky Striker Archetype
  • Super Quantum Support
  • Gears Support
  • Zoodiac Archetype
  • Constellar Archetype
  • Traptrix Support


  • D/D/Ds Support
  • Amorphage Archetype
  • Mayosenju Archetype
  • True Draco Archetype
  • Monarch Archetype
  • Mythical Beast Archetype
  • Dinomist Support
  • Igknights Support
  • Kozmos Support
  • Qliphorts Support
  • Elder Entitie Archetype
  • Kuiju Archetype
  • Zefra Archetype


  • Performapal Support
  • Astrograph Support
  • Odd-Eyes Archetype
  • Supreme King Support
  • Nephthys Support
  • Basic Pendulum Support



  • Cyberse
  • Goukis
  • Trickstars
  • Altergeists
  • Rokkets
  • Borrels
  • Topologics
  • Vendreads
  • X-Krawlers
  • Orcusts
  • Crusadias
  • Salamangreat Archetype
  • World Chalice
  • World Legacy
  • Tindangle
  • Mekk-Knight Archetype
  • Saryuja Skull-Dread
  • Link Support
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