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No Man’s Sky Visions update announced, adds new alien content

No Man’s Sky Visions Update Revealed

The next update for the space exploration title, No Man’s Sky, has been announced. This time around Hello Games are focusing on expanding the much more alien aspects of the game.

The exploration game has been getting regular content updates over the last few months. From fixing various bugs and other issues, to massively expanding the stable of in-game content and events, Hello Games has done a good job delivering on some of the controversial hype the game gained during its tumultuous launch.

There was NEXT, the massive update which brought tons of players back by adding in expanded base-building and massively improved customization options, among other cool new content. Then there were smaller seasonal update like The Abyss, which added Halloween-themed content.

The newest update, Visions, is focusing much more on the exotic side of things. This update will add new events and such surrounding crashed alien craft, newly discovered worlds and biomes, as well as more varied colour palettes for the game to use when generating content. Weather effects, atmospheric rendering and other flavor is getting an overhaul as well.

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The game update also adds new locales to explore, and players who venture inside locations like crashed alien freighters can claim special trophies which they can then display in their bases. There are also destroyed satellites and other wreckage to loot. The game landscape has also been updated with vicious new flora and fauna that players will have to watch out for, such as carnivorous plants.

The patch will also introduce a bunch of expanded social options for players to communicate with. The video also mentions global community missions now share progress for all players, meaning faster progression.

Check out the trailer for the incoming update down below. No Man’s Sky is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Visions update will land tomorrow, November 22 for available platforms.

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