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Grinding Gear Games teases new Divination Cards for Legion

Path of Exile Legion

The Legion expansion for Path of Exile is less than two weeks away, and POE fans are already hyped up for the next league to drop. What with the incredibly thorough melee rebalance, the tweaking of boss fights and the coming release of new build archetypes, there’s plenty to be excited about.

But now, we know something else that Path of Exile: Legion brings to the table. That is of course some new Divination Cards. For the unaware, Divination Cards are special Currency in POE that can be traded in as a set for a special reward. Some of these are incredibly valuable, but also exceedingly rare. Some players can play the game for years and not see a single instance of the rarest Cards.

The new Divination Cards are pretty interesting, as few of them have some pretty interesting implications for the in-game economy. The new six-link set with Imperial Legacy won’t have much impact on the prices of six links as it’s such a massive set. However, the same cannot be said for the obviously rarer Cards in this new block. Burning Blood, Vanity and Alluring Bounty are all looking to be very rare cards restricted to dropping in higher tier Maps. That’s because these can be extremely powerful. Curse corruptions or +Level to Socketed Gems corruptions can be extremely valuable, so GGG is likely to drip feed these cards into the game. The power of Magic Find builds, as well as the rejiggering of the Atlas, that Path of Exile 3.7 will no doubt alter will have an impact on this, although we’ll need to wait for patch notes to know for sure.

You can take a gander at the new Divination cards in the gallery of screenshots down below. So far this makes for 8 of the 14 Cards we know are coming, and GGG promise to reveal the rest in the next few days leading up to the launch of Path of Exile: Legion on June 7th. By the way, the console versions are due for PS4 and Xbox One on June 10th.

Source: POE Site

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