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Railroad Corporation heading for Early Access this Monday

Railroad Corporation Coming to Early Access

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Corbie Games (Bounty Train) have finally revealed the Early Access release date for their upcoming game, Railroad Corporation.

The Golden Age of Steam on the frontier areas of early industrial America are your palette. As you advance your reach with iron and wood, powered by steam and other technological advancements, you’ll encounter different challenges. Some will be economic, as boom and bust cycles will have an impact on your expansion plans. The other major challenges you will encounter come down to how you build your actual rail networks. The company may have to build bridges, dig tunnels or blast away the landscape to build your tracks.

Connecting tracks and chains of settlements together will be its own benefit, as they will unlock the potential for longer production and supply chains, making it easier to monetize your rail lines with more than just passenger transit.

The core of the game exists outside of this loop as well. Players will have to build political and economic connections in addition to the physical ones. Lobbying politicians, negotating contracts and more are all part of the core gameplay loop in Railroad Corporation.

Both companies are very excited about this new project and the potential it holds for the genre. Yurij Ishchuk, CEO at Corbie Games speaks about the pedigree they built with their previous games, as well as the hope for the future:

“This is our second train thematic title, after Bounty Train. With Railroad Corporation, we wanted to shift the focus to economy and business so including the train enthusiasts community in the process of developing Railroad Corporation through Steam’s Early Access will allow us to make a game that really adds something unique to the genre. We honestly can’t wait.”

Erik Schreuder, CEO at Iceberg Interactive on Railroad Corporation and how all of these features and the backdrop pair up together.

“Having a game like Railroad Corporation in our portfolio is exciting because it is a game with a lot of features combined into one product. For instance, the beautiful scenery of 19th century America, combined with the extensive strategic possibilities of how to best run a corporation, as well as the vast world that is trains, makes Railroad Corporation a very impressive game”.

If you have ever wondered if you have the ability and fortitude to create your won railway empire, now is the perfect chance to find out. And you don’t even have to invent time travel to go back to the days of the railroad boom.

Check out the trailer for the game down below. And if you’re interested in grabbing a copy, go take a look at the Steam store page.

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