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Hello Games’ next project “a huge ambitious game like No Man’s Sky”

Hello Games' next project "a huge ambitious game like No Man's Sky"

Hello Games’ Sean Murray is back again to tease their next game. The new title is still very light on the details, but Murray did say it was “a huge, ambitious game”.

Going further Murray talked about his feeling of wanting to do something truly original when he opened the studio. “I had worked at EA before I started Hello Games, and we’d just done lots of sequels. Everything that I worked on was the sequel to something. I found that a bit of a depressing thing in some ways. It was part of the reason for moving.” So while this doesn’t reveal any details about the game, it does suggest he wants to try to shake things up again.

Given the disaster that was No Man’s Sky‘s over-hyped launch, one would be forgiven for not trusting the idea of pushing another ambitious title. And it seems like gamers all over are of a similar mindset. No Man’s Sky did at least somewhat redeem itself after years of new content and updates that fixed and altered the gameplay loop.

He also admitted that the project would have to tackle some issues that the team ran into during the development of No Man’s Sky. “That was a very, very hard process and I wouldn’t want to put anyone through that again.” That’s good to know considering all of the flak that the company caught for th rocky launch of that big game. Sean Murray seems to have learned his lesson about over-hyping his games though.

Murray does also admit that there’s a fine like to walk with marketing, and it seems he’s committed to keeping it in check. “There is a really positive thing about talking about your game a lot. Where you get people interested in it who wouldn’t have played it otherwise.”

“So it’s very difficult. But I look back, having done a lot of different press opportunities and things like that. And I reckon about half of what we did-and a lot of where we had problems, I think, where we were naive-we didn’t really need to do and we would have had the same level of success, you know?”

And don’t worry hardcore fans, there will be more content for No Man’s Sky too. And the latest game from the developer, The Last Campfire, is out now on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade.  Check out the trailer for the game down below and see if it interest you.

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