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Steam Launches New Sale and Wishlist Improvements

Steam Game Discounts

Surprising literally no one, Steam has another sale this week for the Lunar New Year. GOG launched its sale for the Year of the Dog this week as well, so it was only a matter of time before Steam followed suit.

The sale runs from now until 19 February so it’s a short one this time.  Here are some of the highlights, but there are dozens of other games going on sale as well.

Cities: Skylines (-70%)
Tekken 7(-50%)
Stardew Valley(-20%)
Slime Rancher(-%)
Cuphead (-15%)
Left 4 Dead 2(-90%)
CS:GO (-50%)
Watch Dogs 2(-66%)

Head to Steam now and start browsing for bargains.

But a new sale isn’t the only new things Steam has for use today. Today Valve made changes to the way in which wishlists work.

The changes and thinking behind the improvements have been detailed by Valve:

  • Steam has long shown the discount and price for items on your Wishlist, but there hasn’t been a way of sorting or filtering based on discounts. This can be frustrating when trying to find items during a large Steam sale or to finding purchases at particular prices. Now you can filter items shown on your Wishlist by levels of discount like 50% off or 75% off. You can also filter by various tiers of price, or filter to only see items you can buy with your current Steam Wallet balance.
  • We’ve also heard a lot of requests for the ability to filter your Wishlist by tags or genres to help find games when you’re in the mood for a strategy game or an RPG. So now Steam displays the top-ranked tags for each item on your Wishlist. Clicking any of those tags will filter your Wishlist to just other titles with that same tag applied. This makes it easy to find the best co-op games on your Wishlist, or quickly find a discounted horror game.
  • Many players have reported that they find a promising game currently in Early Access that they want to keep track of, but aren’t interested in buying until the game has transitioned to full release. Now your Wishlist will reflect if a game is currently in Early Access, and we’ve added a filter option to hide those games until they have transitioned from Early Access to full release.
  • Players frequently add unreleased games to their Wishlist, which is a helpful way to express interest in an upcoming release and be notified when the game releases. But between now and that title’s release, it isn’t always helpful to see those unreleased selections when you’re shopping for something to play now. So we added the release date to each Wishlist item along with a filter option to hide unreleased games until they become available.
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A lot of these improvements are aimed at making it easier to track the games in your wishlist, and to make it easier to find the games you want the most. Good on you Valve.

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