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Goons trade Supers for Provi, and other crazy happenings of the day

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August 26, 2015 has been quite a crazy day for EVE Online. The Imperium has fully launched it’s campaign to burn Providence, and it’s going swimmingly for them despite several third parties messing with their fun. As of writing, the majority of the region is in some state of Reinforce and 10 systems have dropped out from ProviBloc control.

This is of course not without it’s losses, although strangely not in Providence. But right in the GSF home system of YA0-XJ. In what is essentially the capital of the Imperium’s power base, both a Titan and Supercarrier were taken out by groups including OOS and MoA along with others; the ships destroyed included a Ragnarok and a Wyvern respectively. Shortly following the bloodbath, MoA sent out this celebratory mail, and the Titan pilot was temporarily listed on the EVE Character Bazaar.

The timeline of the fight occurs something like this:

OOS/MoA bait out Imperium response by entosising the YA0 station.

Imperium responds, drawing out a planned escalation by OOS in the form of dreads with subcap support.

Imperium counters with own capital forces, backed up by Supers; which included the Titan and Wyvern. For whatever reason, intelligence about enemy capitals in the area was ignored in the formup for the response fleet.

OOS/MoA DPS begins clearing smaller targets while HICs get tackle on supers to hold them on grid.

As DPS and reps die on the Imperium side, it spells the eventual end of these two juicy targets.

On a more somber note, one of the longstanding Null alliances, Nulli Secunda, is closing their doors. At the conclusion of this years AT, Nulli will be no more. Speculationabout the reasons ranging from internal leadership struggles to loss of membership is heavy within the community. The past five years have been an interesting and exciting ride for Nulli, and the community wishes those players the best.

You can read the statement on Reddit here.

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