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GGG teases boss fight changes in Path of Exile: Legion

Path of Exile Legion Boss Changes

We’ve talked a fair bit about the future of Path of Exile in the 3.7 patch and the upcoming Legion expansion, but now Grinding Gear Games has seen fit to tease us with more. Part of the plan here is introducing changes to core gameplay mechanics, like tweaking how dodge and hit chance work, mostly by changing animations. Then there’s the aspect of adjusting a bunch of existing melee skills, and even introducing some new ones like the Blood and Sand stances.

It seems as though there are two pillars to these redesigns, adding more additional monsters, and changing animations to make them clearer. The video released by the developer teases some fights that are seen in both the main story and in maps. Although the main focus of the boss changes seems to be making less-played maps more fun. For instance, bosses on Lava Lake, Belfry, Sunken City and Basilica maps have been tweaked for Path of Exile 3.7.

Check out some of the footage of these simple yet effective changes down below courtesy of GGG.

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Path of Exile: Legion is due on June 7, 2019. The expansion will launch June 10th on consoles. Check out the full announcement on the main site for more details. And keep coming back to ISKMogul for more POE coverage and guides in the future.

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