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Resident Evil 3’s file size is much bigger than RE2

Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3‘s upcoming remake is almost here. Capcom has done an impressive job of marketing this new AAA release. The game is actually pretty close to release. According to Capcom, the project is in the final stages of polish. According to Capcom, the game is in the “final adjustments” of development. And now, we know how much time it will take to download the new game, as Microsoft Store’s official page has revealed the file size of Resident Evil 3.

The file size of the new remake is actually pretty big. By comparison, Resident Evil 3 Remake is twice the size of Resident Evil 2 Remake. The listings spotted online suggest the game is going to be 43.01 GB. The Microsoft Store’s listing also claims that the game will be split up. There will be one download for the main story mode. Then there will be a second download for the Resident Evil Resistance multiplayer mode.

The campaign’s file size for Resident Evil 2 Remake is reported to be 21.93 GB, which is about the same size as Resident Evil 2 Remake at 21.07 GB.

The newest remake will have a more action-oriented take on gameplay compared to the previous outing. Not only does it have a full multiplayer mode in Project Resistance, but the shooting and other mechanics have been improved. The Nemesis boss fights that players of the original game will need to be pretty spiffy in this new version, and thus we will likely see more improve shooting controls to make the sequences more fun to play.

Resident Evil 3‘s remake is launching on April 3, 2020, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game will of course launch alongside the asymmetrical multiplayer mode, Project Resistance. A team of survivors will have to take on a legion of baddies controlled by the Mastermind. There will also be a new Collector’s Edition for this game that has tons of new items and collectibles.

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