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Just Cause 4 is sending Rico to a weird place

Just Cause 4 Los Demonios DLC

The next expansion content for Just Cause 4 is really strange, and it’s strange in a way that’s fitting for a franchise that’s been defined by how crazy and over-the-top it is. The new expansion takes legendary madman Rico Rodriguez on a new adventure, one that can best be described as a bug hunt.

The new DLC is taking a few cliff notes from the pages of games like Far Cry: Blood Dragon and taking the tone and style of the gameplay in a much more interesting direction. And yes, things can get more interesting than grappling planes and tethering them to boats rigged with 8 tons of TNT. That’s because the new DLC features a literal demonic invasion.

The Los Demonios DLC will see Rico having to fight back hordes as they spew out across the island, sewing death and chaos. These hellish foes bring with them a warped and twisted landscape, as everything these fel beings touch is tainted with pulsing tendrils and spore-filled clouds. So all in all, a nice relaxing vacation for Rico.

But he won’t be fighting back the legions alone. Rico’s already impressive arsenal is being expanded with new weaponry like the upgradable Demon Crossbow. Square Enix and Avalanche are promising to reveal more goodies in the next few weeks though, so stay tuned.

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Just Cause 4 also recently got a new update in the Spring update, which brought tons of new potential for destruction. So if you’re waiting on this new DLC, why not tide over a bit of time trying out the new destruction engine around the island of Solis.

Check out the trailer for the Los Demonios DLC for Just Cause 4 down below. Just Cause 4 came out in December 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, bringing with it plenty more destructive action. The kind of action that involves controlling the weather and using hurricanes to rip apart military bases. The Los Demonios DLC is due out for all platforms on July 3rd, and yes, it will be included in the ‘Dare Devils, Demons and Danger’ expansion pass.

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