How to kill marauders in Doom Eternal

How to kill marauders in Doom Eternal

The marauders in Doom Eternal, oh boy do players really not like these guys. These towering behemoths of iron and flesh are out for souls and blood. There are already tons of dangerous enemies in this game, but the marauders are in a class of their own. On their own, they can be difficult, and with a group of other demons attacking alongside them they can be unstoppable if you’re not properly prepared.

It all comes down to weapon choices when dealing with this demonic monstrosity. He also adapts to how you fight him, opting to switch weapons and attacks based on where you are fighting him from. If you’re closer, he will whip out a shotgun for example.

How to kill marauders in Doom Eternal

The marauder is very tanky. He also changes up his tactics based on the range you engage him at. Your only chance to deal significant damage on the marauder is when his eyes flash green. This only happens when you’re at mid-range from him. For this reason, shotgun variants are the best weapon for these fights, with the Super Shotgun being optimal. Getting him to the right range, staying mobile and chipping away is the safest way to take these monsters down. If you run out of ammo, make sure to have your chainsaw ready from use on the smaller demons for some free ammunition.

Always be sure to clear the smaller demons from the arena though. These demons are a good supply of glory kills that can restock health and armor when needed. Also, don’t be afraid to run from the marauders in Doom Eternal. Get some distance to apply some damage from range, or just to focus on the easier targets. Weapons like the BFG are more effective against groups of smaller enemies, and are unreliable against the marauders, as their shields can even stop BFG shots.

Another option is rocket launchers and grenades for dealing some ranged hits to this beast. Although you should only use the rocket launchers with the remote detonate mod at mastery, which allows for better damage application thanks to the wider area of effect.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to handle the marauders and other demons much easier.

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