How Many Endings are in Cyberpunk 2077?

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Throughout all of the different side jobs and gigs in Cyberpunk 2077, there’s a major conflict headed your way. How V will handle the problems of resolving that final conflict is a big part of who you decide to play them as. The game throws a lot of choices at you, but really only certain plotlines matter when picking the ending.

There are a total of six endings that have been found in the game so far. Each ending has its own requirements and needs the player to usually complete certain quests or develop their relationships for endings to be fulfilled. In most cases, what you do with the story beats involving Panam and Rogue have the most impact on the story.

How to get each ending in Cyberpunk 2077


The Star Ending

This is one of the more interesting endings in the game to get, as you have to complete multiple very difficult quests for Panam to fulfill the conditions. When you complete “Riders on the Storm,” “With a Little Help from my Friends,” and “Queen of the Highway” you will have fulfilled the needs for this ending. You will eventually reach the final mission, and the final choice of the game.  When you’re in that mission, make sure to choose to call Panam in to help you out.

That final choice is to use the Omega Blockers to either return to your body and Night City, or to stay in Cyberspace and let Johnny have your body. The choice will change the course of Night City. You should choose to return to your body for this ending.

Temperance Ending

This ending in Cyberpunk 2077 will be very much the same as the Star ending, but with one key difference. If you choose to stay in Cyberspace in the final option, Johnny will return and take over V’s body. You will remain in Cyberspace, free from the shackles of Night City, but trapped in a new prison. You’re alone, but you’re free.

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Sun Ending

For this ending, you’ll need to complete two quests for Rogue: “Chippin’ In” and “Blistering Love.” You will need to choose the option that “you and Rogue should go,” When you do that you can take the pills and stay in Cyberpsace. this time roaming with a buddy.

Devil Ending

This is the evilest option in the game so far. You can complete this ending the quickest of all. You don’t need to finish any questlines with Rogue or Panam to get this ending. When you get to the final questions in the game, Simply side with Hanako and follow her directions, you can then take Omega Blockers and you will see what Arasaka has planned come to fruition.

Suicide Ending

You can choose the option to “put all this to rest” as an option, and V will simply destroy the pills. This will kill V and end the game with a rather anticlimactic beat. If you just want to escape it all though, this is an option if you’ve been playing a rather pessimistic V.

Secret Ending

There’s one secret ending. When you have the choice to take the Omega Blockers, don’t do anything. After a few minutes Johnny announces that he’s using your body for his own ends anyway. He’s planning to go all John Wick on Arasaka. This leads to the most difficult combat encounter of the game with gauntlets of enemies and no checkpoints. If you manage to overcome the encounters, you will get the secret ending.

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