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Grinding Gear Games announces Path of Exile 3.9, Conquerors of the Atlas

Conquerors of the Atlas

The 3.9 expansion to Path of Exile is coming soon, and gamers all over the globe want to know what’s coming in the next phase of POE. Path of Exile 3.9 was revealed during a keynote speech at the first ever fan convention for the game, ExileCon. With a rather jovial intro bringing Enihar back to the forefront, the whole atmosphere of the stream was pretty fun. The expansion itself is actually pretty substantial, especially considering we have the 4.0 mega-expansion coming right after the launch cycle of version 3.9 in December.

Path of Exile 3.9, MetaMorph League, is going to follow the same path that many of the other challenge leagues in POE have. The content will release this December, bringing with it a new series of class rebalances and skill tweaks. Just like previous patches, GGG will be reworking some core element of POE, and retooling it to bring it inline with previous changes. GGG will be releasing more detailed looks at these changes soon. There’s also some gameplay coming out live during ExileCon, so keep an eye out for that. For now let’s just dig into what this new expansion coming in December is.

What is Path of Exile 3.9?

Path of Exile 3.9 is a league built around the idea of wrapping things up. This isn’t because GGG are out of ideas, oh no, things are just beginning for the lands of Wraeclast and Oriath. Following the launch of 3.0 and subsequent patches, the world is in flux, but things are finally beginning to settle. Ahead of the new content batches coming in 4.0, this new expansion is more like building the foundation. In lore, Kitava is long dead, and the Exile has been helping what remains of the living mop up after various new threats. One of these new threats was teased in previous expansions, and it seems that there was a lot more than meets the eye with that initial expansion. That threat is of course, the mapping system and its ultimate boss the Elder and Shaper.

The next Path of Exile League is Conquerors of the Atlas and the MetaMorph League.

This league involves a full revamp of the mapping system, and a conclusion of the Elder and Shaper storylines. A whole new story is being rolled out with this patch too, bringing all of the old content around for one more hurrah. The Exiles have seemingly gone insane and have begun posing a major danger to the world of Wraeclast. THe maps that once contained the toxic influence have shattered, and the disasters

The Conquerors

These new boss battles will be linked to the new Atlas system Using this system, Watchstones can allow players to completely alter their Atlas on-the-fly, as well as upgrade Map Tiers all the way to the maximum Tiers across the overall Atlas.

Check out the new trailers and footage of the expansion down below. Make sure to keep an eye on the POE Twitch stream if you want these announcements live.

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