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How to get Hesperon in Warframe (2022)


For new players in Warframe, there are a ton of mechanics at play, and it can get quite confusing. Whether it’s grinding out Standing for the baseline syndicates in places like Orb Valis or Plains of Eidolon, or it’s doing missions for the Syndicates, there is always a faction in this game that needs the help of the Tenno. Doing all this work can unlock unique recipes as well, which is great for some interesting weapons and other gear.

How to get Hesperon in Warframe

Hesperon is a resource obtainable by Mining the red mineral veins in Orb Vallis. Its main use is in crafting Hespazym Alloy. This is one of many different mining ores and crystals that can be found in this area. These open-world areas have Standings to farm for, and tons of rewards to get. Various Warframes and weapons often use these items.

Some basic aspects of mining are the same, regardless of what region you’re mining in. This guide will make it much easier by teaching you everything you need to know about Hesperon in Warframe. To find it, look for the red nodes, not the blue ones. You want to look for the caves marked on the maps. These are the best spots for mining.

Open spots on the maps can sometimes spawn mining spots as well, so keep your eyes open. But for the fastest mining runs, use the caves. Caves can be found in the following locations:

  • South of Central Maintenance
  • Just east of Harindi Crater
  • Just Northwest of The Pearl
  • Several mining spots around the Spaceport, to the west.
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There are many other items found in these open-world zones. Rare materials like Star Crimzian and Adramal Alloy are used in a bunch of crafting recipes. And with items like rare dorps, such as Goblite Tears, are a good source of Credits.

How to make Hespazym Alloy

Before you build the alloy, you need the Blueprint, which costs 4,000 Standing. Use the linked names below to find out where to farm each resource. Or, we’ve included which planets have the best chance to drop it. Run missions on the nodes on these planets to get more.

  • 1,000 Credits
  • 20 Hesperon
  • 300 Plastids – Stephano on Uranus, Helene and Piscinas on Saturn
  • 2 Morphics – Mercury, Mars, Europa and Pluto Nodes
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