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Steam Search refined in new update

Steam New Search Features

Steam is the undeniable king of the roost when it comes to PC gaming distribution. The combination of file and update management, storefront and social features make it very easy to trust Steam with your PC gaming needs. Of course, there have always been issues with content moderation, quality control, and other problems. Players have often had issues with finding quality games

As announced in an official blog post, Valve has fixed many of these problems by expanding the features included in the system and making things more user-friendly. The biggest changes revolve around the tag system, which has been more thoroughly refined. The tag system is now a major element within searches, and gamers can filter searches based on tags, either to look for certain genres or subgenres.

Also, Steam Search allows the user to filter by price. This has been a major missing element for many years. Quality-of-life improvements abound with this patch, making search a lot more usable and easier to manage with the huge number of games on the platform.

Some extra filtering elements allow PC gamers to filter out games that they already own, cleaning up the clutter a bit. Also if you don’t own a virtual reality headset, you can filter results based on whether they are VR-only games are not. Finally, the paginated system of the older search results has been replaced with a full infinite scroll system.

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