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Splatoon 2’s newest in-game event “Splatfest” feature breakfast food and other goodies

Splatoon 2 New Years Event Frostyfest

Splatoon 2 is a great little Switch title, one all about throwing paint everywhere, and from time to time the developers throw in-game events into the splatty mix. This coming month’s Splatfest though, which will kick off next Friday, is probably one of the more creative, and contentious, ever introduced to the game.

The newest 24-hour event will pit two groups of players against each other int he eternal battle that is which breakfast staple is superior. The struggle of the dough boys is real, as Splatoon 2‘s newest Splatfest forces Switch gamers to choose between pancakes or waffles. By the way, waffles are infinitely superior due to their crunchy texture and ability to hold extra syrup, butter or other toppings.

But if you disagree, you can hop into the game soon and get your own stake in the argument.

Splatoon 2 has also hosted events themed around holidays as well. Things like Halloween and the Lunar New Year got featured in past events.

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The event drops with the new Turf War update, beginning on 2/8 at 8pm PT, until 2/9 at 8pm PT!

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