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All Three Dark Souls Soundtracks Have Been Added to Spotify

Spotify has been killing it this month with adding new content to their streaming service that gamers love. First there was a ton of Capcom music from the likes of Monster Hunter and Street Fighter, then CD Projekt managed to get some of the excellent tracks from The Witcher series onto the music streaming app. And now, FromSoftware is getting in on the fun.

That’s because the main soundtracks for the three games in the Dark Souls franchise are on Spotify. These excellently-composed musical scores are a serious boon for the service. The hauntingly beautiful tracks include boss tracks like those for Gwyn. If you’re into more somber but less depressing, the Majula theme might be more your speed. If you want uplifting and epic, maybe try giving Sir Alonne’s theme a listen.

The one downside to this announcement is something that fans noticed about the version of the soundtrack from Dark Souls III. The version on Spotify is the abridged version which includes shortened versions of the songs than ones heard in-game. Aside from that one gripe, it’s still great to see more incredible video game music making the leap to streaming services.

What other games do you want to see on Spotify or other services? Let us know what you’re excited to see in the comments.

You can find Dark Souls 1’s soundtrack hereDark Souls II by clicking here, and Dark Souls III right here. Praise the Sun!

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