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Wild West Online launches May 10

Wild West Online

Wild West Online is ambitious new MMO which comes out of Early Access on Steam next month. To celebrate, the developers have released a short teaser trailer for the game.

WWO has gone through a lot of design changes throughout its development. According to the developers, 612 Games, the game was originally conceived as an open world PvP game. But according to their early testing that wasn’t was players wanted.

Our initial design for WWO was solely focused on a non-restricted open world PVP with systems in place to make sure that we don’t have a rampant “kill on sight” issue. During our initial technical alpha tests back in a summer of 2017 and our early alpha tests of the fall of 2017 we saw very clearly what players demanded and that they wanted to have was some sort of the defined conflict in the game—”Red vs Blue,” so to speak.

Since those changes were made, a ton of PvE content has been added to bring Wild West Online more in line with traditional MMOs in terms of content and accessibility. The PvP in the game is still there, it’s just shifted to a faction-based competition of sorts. The PvP is built around control of territories that in turn grant resources to the controlling faction. The whole thing ties into a bonus system that makes your faction more effective if you control certain resources. Think of it like an ever-shifting snowball effect of death and bloodshed.

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There’s also a unique Wanted system in the game that essentially works as a bounty hunter system which encourages players to hunt down the most notorious offenders for a reward. The faction system will tie into the Wanted system in certain ways. So for example, killing a player who robbed a faction stash might grant reputation with that faction.

WWO also features a trading system that’s tied to how well-behaved your are in the game. Vendors might even give you a discount if you’re particularly nice to their aligned faction. Although if that’s not your thing, you can just rob wealthy players too. After all, the focus in WWO is on emergent gameplay.

You can pre-purchase Wild West Online from the website right now.

Those who choose to pre-purchase Wild West Online will receive a Steam key when it launches on May 10th. you’ll also gain the ability to access the EA version immediately, earn 10 cosmetic bags that can customize the look of a characters, have 10 gun skin bags for weapon customization and a 48 hour head start before the Steam launch.

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