Where to find Taifu in Temtem


Taifu  is a nature-type Temtem that some Tamers will want on their team thanks to this monsters even stat distribution and interesting combination of nature moves. The biggest advantage of this on your team is that Taifu has a high stamina value. This will allow a Tamer to get out some high-cost but very powerful moves early in the battle, without risking exhaustion for your more important heavy-hitters. Here’s a guide with where to find Taifu in Temtem.

Like many of the other rare spawns in Temtem, Taifu being found in the grass is pretty uncommon. If you want to try your luck, look in the Canopath on the island of Omninesia. There is another way to grab this strong all-round fighter, evolution. Taifu is the evolved form of Hidody, and will reach this point after level 15.

And if you want to try your hand at catching a higher-level version of Taifu, there are a couple of other places where it spawns. A variant with levels 19 to 22 will spawn in the wild grass around the Glassyway on Omninesia. A variant with levels 23 to 26 will spawn in the wild grass around the Giant Banyan on Omninesia.

Taifu Stats

  • HP – 60
  • STA – 87
  • SPD – 45
  • ATK – 50
  • DEF – 45
  • SPATK – 78
  • SPDEF – 78
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From Leveling

Level Name Type Class Damage Stamina Hold Priority
1 Scratch Neutral Physical 20 4 0 Normal
4 Sand Splatter Earth Physical 35 7 0 Normal
7 Sharp Leaf Nature Physical 50 7 0 Normal
12 Cheer Up Neutral Status 7 0 Very Fast
19 Allergic Spread Nature Special 58 18 1 Normal
24 Gaia Nature Status 15 3 Very Slow
28 Bark Shield Nature Status 30 2 Slow
37 Dust Vortex Earth Special 131 24 1 Normal
48 Frond Whip Nature Physical 146 28 1 Slow

From Technique Courses (TCs)

Level Name Type Class Damage Stamina Hold Priority
4 Wake Up Neutral Physical 1 0 Very Fast
5 Misogi Water Status 22 2 Normal
9 Antitoxins Toxic Status 26 2 Normal
11 Cage Neutral Status 16 1 Fast
17 Relax Neutral Status 12 1 Slow
18 Major Slash Neutral Physical 150 33 1 Normal

From Breeding

Name Type Class Damage Stamina Hold Priority
Spores Nature Special 37 6 0 Normal
Lullaby Mental Status 27 2 Slow
Water Cutting Lily Nature and Water Physical 120 31 0 Fast
Sacrifice Netural Status 1 Fast
Hypoxia Wind Special 120 30 0 Normal
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