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Dark Souls Remastered has a new gameplay trailer

Dark Souls Remaster

Virtuos and Bandai Namco have been hard at work on the 4K remaster of the original Dark Souls that was announced earlier in the year. This day marks the release of the first full gameplay trailer for said remaster, so fans should start rejoicing. And I’ll be the first to say, the trailer makes the game look even more amazing.

The updated visuals and performance for the classic 2011 RPG are definite treat. Dark Souls is a notoriously difficult game, and from the looks of the trailer that hasn’t changed at all. The crisp visuals and overall sleeker look has done nothing to dull the tense feeling you should be getting playing Dark Souls.

Dark Souls: Remastered is set to release on May 25 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 with a Nintendo Switch release slated for summer of 2018. Pre-orders for various versions are now live. The game across various platforms costs $39.99 USD, or your equal local equivalent.

If players pre-order the game on the PlayStation Store, they’ll receive a Dark Souls: Remastered PS4 theme. Players who decide to preorder on the Xbox Marketplace won’t receive any cosmetics or themes of any sort, but will be able to pre-load the game ahead of the May 25 release date. Pre-order bonuses on Steam take the form of 50% off the remaster if they already own the original PC version, ark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition.

Switch players don’t get any details yet. That might be because the Switch version was delayed a couple weeks ago, citing various issues. The Switch port was originally supposed to launch alongside all other versions, now it will likely come out a couple months after the rest of the bunch.

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