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Overwatch Summer Games 2020 has a Lúcioball Remix

Overwatch Summer Games 2020

Blizzard has announced details of the newest event to slam into Overwatch this week. Since 2020 has been a nightmare year so far, many people kind of lost out on their Summer activities. And it seems that Blizzard wants to help recapture some of that by launching the Overwatch Summer Games 2020 during the month of August.

For the next three weeks, the Overwatch Summer Games 2020 will debut some new cosmetics like skins and sprays, each with a new summery theme. Here’s the rundown of each week’s skins and other cosmetics. You just have to complete and win the requisite number of matches to get each one. There will be three items each week, so get on it.

  • Week 1 – August 4 – August 11
    • WIN 3 GAMES – Baseballmari Player Icon
    • WIN 6 GAMES – Union Jack Spray
    • WIN 9 GAMES – Union Jack Tracer Epic Skin
  • Week 2 – August 11 – August 18
    • WIN 3 GAMES – Golfimari Player Icon
    • WIN 6 GAMES – Sand Castle Spray
    • WIN 9 GAMES – Sand Castle Bastion Epic Skin
  • Week 3 – August 18 – August 25
    • WIN 3 GAMES – Surfimari Player Icon
    • WIN 6 GAMES – Ice Cream Spray
    • WIN 9 GAMES – Ice Cream Orisa Epic Skin
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There will be other things beyond the cosmetics as well. Players can compete in a remixed variant of Lúcioball. Lúcioball Remix is a “faster, more chaotic version” of the Summer Games previous iterations. There will be some new arenas added for the mode as well. Blizzard has spiced up some Busan and Sydney arenas with new layouts and obstacles. And if you’re in the mood for a classic, Standard Lúcioball is also available, too.

The Summer Games event is live now until August 25. Overwatch is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. And yes, there’s a new trailer for the event, showing off some of the new skins and goodies. Check that out below.

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