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Hearthstone kicks off Winter Veil festivities


Winter Veil in Hearthstone is a special event for the festive and joyous among you. Scrooges need not apply. The new Christmasy event in the popular card game has been around before. Now old St. Nick has reloaded his goody bag and is back once again in 2019 to hand out gifts to players of Blizzards exceedingly popular card game.

The event brings forth a ton of holiday cheer, and plenty of brawling, with a new Tavern Brawl. The event will allow players to “decorate the magical spires of Dalaran” with a new Tavern Brawl. If they take part, they’ll earn a new Winter Veil Treat Card Back. If you already got the reward from last year’s Winter Veil, it loks pretty similar this year.

Hearthstone kicks off Winter Veil festivities

Blizzard is also announcing a special card bundle, the Winter Veil Wonder Bundle, it will be available from December 19 – January 7, for $24.99, and includes:

  • 6 The Witchwood Card Packs
  • 6 The Boomsday Project Card Packs
  • 6 Rastakhan’s Rumble Card Packs
  • 6 Rise of Shadows Card Packs
  • 6 Saviors of Uldum Card Packs

Blizzard has done a pretty solid job of keeping the playerbase for Hearthstone engaged, with a constant stream of new content and patches. This new snowy bundle of fun joins a ton of other modes, so there’s plenty to do. The Descent of Dragons expansion will launch towards the end of 2019, debuting December 10th. You still have time to build up your collection before then. I know I spend time every once and a while still mucking about with the singleplayer modes like the new Tombs of Terror. The Battlegrounds auto-battler mode is a pretty cool, if unexpected, addition as well.

The event begins 10 a.m. PT on December 11, and runs until 10 a.m. PT on December 31. So you have plenty of time to snap up some goodies.

Source: Blizzard

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