How to make a mold in Green Hell

Green Hell

Green Hell being a survival game brings all the typical trappings to the gameplay. You will need to find and cook food, and that means fire. These jungle environs are not too hospitable, so you want to find a way to light your path to survival. You also need to gather supplies to make weapons and other tools. And beyond the basic items, there’s tons of hidden stuff to find. The game is positively full of hidden items that actually help the player with their survival.

Green Hell has a lot of crafting that you need to do. The shelters and weapons you need to survive need to be built. This won’t be an easy task either. You need to put the time in to learn various recipes and put them to use. One of the first things you need to learn how to do is work with mud. Mud bricks are the basis for many structures and other items in the game. And with this guide, we’re taking it a step further. This guide will teach you how to make a mold in Green Hell and what it can be used for.

How to make a mold in Green Hell

You need to combine 2x Mud and 1x Ash to make 6x Mud Brick. This is actually one of the first things you should focus on, as Mud Bricks are heavily used in many different recipes in Green Hell. Ash is harvested from campfires and Charcoal. The player can find mud on riverbeds and along the edges of ponds. To collect mud, right-click when near the waters edge and select take mud from the drop-down menu.

Mud bricks can be harvested for three empty molds, which is the basis for making other mold types. The empty mold can be combined with melted iron ore and other materials to produce different types of molds. There are many different types you can use, from axe molds to tools.

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Here are the different recipes for each mold in Green Hell:

  • Armor Mold – 1x Empty Mold, 1x Melted Iron Ore, 1x Stick
  • Arrow Mold – 1x Empty Mold, 1x Melted Iron Ore, 1x Arrow
  • Axe Mold – 1x Empty Mold, 1x Melted Iron Ore, 1x Stone Axe
  • Blade Mold – 1x Empty Mold, 1x Melted Iron Ore, 1x Stone Blade

t’s wise to always have some mud bricks baking and on standby for other projects. But when starting out, you want to get your hands on some weapons of some kind, and molds are vital for that.

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