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Grinding Gear Games shows off bosses in new video

Path of Exile Betrayal League

Some of you newer POE players won’t remember this, as GGG hasn’t done this in quite a while, but the newest video from the ARPG developer is an interesting one. You see, Grinding Gear Games likes to see how much they can screw with their game, and one way they do this is by putting various bosses in the game in a fight to the death against each other. The company has done this before, several times in fact. We’ve seen Kitava take on a troupe of Rogue Exiles, we even got to watch a gaggle of powerful Breachlords duke it out. These awesome fight showcase boss mechanics in a very unique way, even if they highlight some of the shortfalls of the AI, so it’s very cool to see the series make a return.

And now we’re finally getting to see just how strong the new Masters really are. In patch 3.5 and the Betrayal League, the developer reworked the long-running Masters system in order to fully revamp crafting mechanics and to introduce new Forsaken Masters. This triggered a new cadre of Masters being added to the game, with successive patches adding new NPC characters to the roster. Players may have wondered how well these new folks fair in combat, and now that question can be answered.

Grinding Gear Games is taking the combat-focused elements of the  current stable of Path of Exile masters and plopping them into an arena for a massive free-for-all fight. The winner of a round is the last one standing, and the first one to win two rounds takes the crown. Alva, Zana, Jun or Einhar enter the fray, but only one will survive, place your bets folks.

Of course you can find the newest entry in the series down below, it’s a pretty interesting watch. The entire collection of Boss vs. Boss FFA showmatches can be found over at Path of Exile’s YouTube channel.

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