Where is Helvetia in Fallout 76?

How to get the Fasnacht Day Crazy Guy Mask in Fallout 76

The new Fasnacht Day event in Fallout 76 has begun. The new festival of madness is a new way for players to earn C.A.M.P. decorations, special masks, and even some item blueprints. It’s pretty fun if you’re into combat too, as there’s tons of that. The Fasnacht Day event will run May 27 to June 9 and the main event will happen each hour during those days. To get to the event, you need to head to Helvetia in Fallout 76. So how do you get there?

The small town is located just south of Greg’s Mine Supply, and to the southeast of Wayward. Head there from Wayward as a start point and you can’t miss it. There are not many other landmarks around so it’s hard to get confused. If all else fails, follow the stream of players heading for the event. Check out the image below for an example of where to go in-game to find Helvetia in Fallout 76.

Where is Helvetia in Fallout 76?

When you actually reach the small town, head to the center of the area. There’s a bonfire and other noticeable landmarks around. The real goal is to interact with the Master of Ceremonies and starting the event. will last from May 27 to June 9. The core of event revolves around journeying through Helvetia and helping with a parade. Thing is, the parade has been a bit disrupted.

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The marchers in the parade come under attack, even from a Legendary boss. You have to keep these robots alive while completing various tasks, like refueling the bonfire and delivering treats and supplies. The Fasnacht Day event is meant to be cooperative, so bring some pals. Each time you fulfill these tasks, you’re rewarded with a  few things based on how well you did. If all five of the robot NPCs make it through the fight, you get some blueprints and other items, and have a chance at a rare event mask. Check here for a full list of all the masks during the event.

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