How to get Challenge Points in Marvel’s Avengers

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Challenge Points are earned in bundles of about 1-3 per challenge. This is pretty grindy, but it’s pretty fitting for this game, which is kind of disappointing. For context, there are 40 levels in each of the 6 starter Cards. And each of those individual levels costs 5 Challenge Points worth of challenges. That means you could spend literally weeks grinding out just one Card for one hero. Do you see the problem?

As of writing, there are 200 total Challenge Points to be earned for the current crop of heroes. Each level of the Challenge Card you’re working on will jump up as you complete more challenges.

How to earn Challenge Points

It’s simple. players will earn Challenge Points are earned through challenges for players to complete.

The tasks will vary by both Daily and Weekly challenges depending on the day. Every 24 hours, players get some new challenges though, so that’s good. There is a sort of cap on the number of points you can earn though, that’s less good. Each task will vary over time. Some Challenges in the game may just be about getting kills. Some may require combo milestones to be hit as well. Each Daily Challenge completed will grant 3 Challenge Points, while completing a Weekly Challenge will net you 11 Challenge Points. That means you can only earn up to 64 of these per week. That means the current crop will take about three and a half weeks to fill out just one set of 200 Points.

Each Hero has its own Challenges as well. So you’re going to be putting some work in. You will be putting in a few weeks of daily play to wrap up all of the challenges for one hero. At the very least, you do get some Credits after every few levels.

When do the challenges reset?

A daily challenge in Marvel’s Avengers rewards 3 points on completion, and you can reset them every so often. Weekly challenges should reset after 7 daily resets of the normal challenges. Unless something goes wrong, the daily challenges in Marvel’s Avengers will reset every day at midnight, CET. So you can get plenty of work in on each set of hero challenges each day.

Are Challenge Cards free?

Each hero in the game has their own Challenge Card, with unique rewards for each challenge within the stack. The 6 starting heroes’ Challenge Cards are free during launch, but things start to get complicated from there. Any DLC heroes that get added will have their Cards locked behind a paywall. There will be a price point of 1,000 Credits added to each one, according to various sources.

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That’s not so bad though. Each Challenge Card will reward a variety of rewards for each level. The Credit rewards for completing the Challenge Card for one hero should earn enough Credits to earn another one. Although the problem remains that, based on how many DLC heroes we get, you could have to pay indirectly for the Credits by grinding out new hero cards.

For example, here’s what Kamala Kahn has for her challenge card:

Challenge Card Level Challenge Card Reward
Level 1 Ms Marvel 009 nameplate
Level 2 Rare resource pack
Level 3

100 Credits

Level 4 125 Units
Level 5 Resource pack
Level 6 Iron Man Fan Outfit
Level 7 Ms Marvel 006 nameplate
Level 8 125 Units
Level 9 Widow Fan Outfit
Level 10 Upgrade Module Bundle
Level 11

200 Credits

Level 12 Double-Stitched Outfit
Level 13 Nailed It Emoji
Level 14 Team 013 nameplate
Level 15 Teenage Hero Outfit
Level 16 250 Units
Level 17 Aww Man Emoji
Level 18 Rare resource pack
Level 19 Ms Marvel 016 nameplate
Level 20 Upgrade Module Bundle
Level 21

200 Credits

Level 22 Rare resource pack
Level 23 Embroidered Outfit
Level 24 250 Units
Level 25

300 Credits

Level 26 Ms Marvel 017 nameplate
Level 27 Tough Enough Emoji
Level 28 Ms Marvel 026 nameplate
Level 29 250 Units
Level 30 Karate Emoji
Level 31 Upgrade Module Bundle
Level 32 Ms Marvel 030 nameplate
Level 33 500 Units
Level 34 Team 008 nameplate
Level 35 Bring It Emoji
Level 36

500 Credits

Level 37 Exotic resource pack
Level 38 Uh Oh Emoji
Level 39 Super Famous Outfit
Level 40 Jersey Girl Outfit


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