What does HP Burn in Raid: Shadow Legends do?

What does HP Burn in Raid: Shadow Legends do?

One of the most common game terms to encounter is damage over time or “DoT”. It’s a very simple concept, as it’s an umbrella term for any status effect that causes damage on a set timer. Every few seconds a DoT will inflict extra damage. Poison damage is a very common form of DoT in video games. So, what does HP Burn do in Raid: Shadow Legends? It’s actually pretty clear.

HP Burn, whittles away at the target’s HP, which is pretty debilitating. The official description of the status effect has a pretty clear cause:

“While the debuff is active and at the start of the affected Champion’s turn, they and all their allies take damage equal to 3% of their respective MAX HP. There can be only one [HP Burn] debuff active of a Champion at a time. However, if multiple Champions on the Team are debuffed with [HP Burn], all of these debuffs work as normal and apply their full damage.”

What does HP Burn do in Raid: Shadow Legends?

Any Champion that gets nailed with HP Burn will lose a lot of healthy. The 3% damage to HP max can even be deadly to max level characters. It can both do more damage than other debuffs, as well as not being able to be blocked. So basic physical defenses will not reduce the DPS. It’s a very dangerous effect for one more reason.

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HP Burn in Raid: Shadow Legends is an AoE effect, so it can hit multiple targets at once. You might be tempted to use it as a primary damage type against other teams, but it has a flaw. That flaw is that HP Burn doesn’t stack at all. You can only apply it once per Champion, regardless of any other modifiers. You can’t completely wreck an enemy team with it.

Dealing 3% of HP can help turn the tide of a battle, but it cannot be relied on. This means that there’s a hard cap on the amount of damage a single instance of HP Burn can do per turn. That makes it much harder to rely on. The other problem is that AoE HP Burn is restricted to Epic and Legendary heroes. Here are the heroes you can find the AoE variant on.

Legendary Heroes with HP Burn

  1. Elder Skarg | BA-LAF
  2. Ignatius | OT-LDM
  3. Sicia Flametongue | DS-LAF
  4. Trunda Giltmallet | DW-LAM
  5. Tyrant Ixlimor | DS-LHM
  6. Venus | SO-LSV

Epic Heroes with HP Burn

  1. Achak the Wendarin | DS-ESF
  2. Akoth the Seared
  3. Mordecai | SO-ESF
  4. Ultimate Galek | OR-EAM
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