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Path of Exile Legion FAQ Released

Path of Exile Legion

GGG’s Chris Wilson is back again with an FAQ for Path of Exile: Legion, covering many of the new mechanics and planned changes in very broad strokes. The FAQ covers some of the new mechanics, like Legion Jewels, Incubators and of course the new Breach-like Monoliths.

For one thing, players in parties can get credit on their Incubated items, which is nice. We know also know that the full patch notes will be posted in the evening of Tuesday June 4, US time. The FAQ also details a bit more about the melee rework as well.

A big part of this melee rework is making the entire playstyle “feel” better. By making animations and skills easier to understand at a glance, Path of Exile 3.7 does just that. Quality of life changes, damage increases, and a whole slew of passive tree changes for armour skills, melee attacks and so much more just add to that trend.

If you want to see the overview of the melee changes featuring GGG Technical Director Jonathon Rogers who takes fans through things like instant movement skills, animation cancelling and so much more. For one thing, there’s the new low-level Dash skill which can be used to escape combat, but that’s just the tip of the bloody iceberg.

If you want more details about the upcoming Path of Exile 3.7 patch and Legion, go take a look at our other coverage. Path of Exile: Legion launches on June 7th. By the way, the console versions are due for PS4 and Xbox One on June 10th.

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