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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – E3 2019 Gameplay

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Announced

Finally, something I’ve been wanting to see more of is getting shown off at E3 2019. Capcom was on hand, along with many other developers, to show off their games as part of show floor demos and on-stage press events.

Capcom showed off a pretty substantial demo of the new expansion for Monster Hunter World, Iceborne, by letting folks get hands-on with the frigid new expansion and hunt some monsters.

Like we’ve seen in some of the other coverage of the expansion, players will have a hard time fighting back against the biting cold. Hot Drinks and the Hot Springs scattered around the zone can help stave off the damaging effects for a little while, but players are effectively being pushed toward hunting quickly and efficiently in this cold new locale. Much like the Elder’s Recess in the base game though, there’s much more than just environmental danger.

Hunters will also encounter plenty of monsters, both new and old, that they’ll have to either hunt or avoid depending on their objectives. Fan-favourites like Tigrex are stalking for prey, while new beasts like Banbaro will also be skulking around, waiting in ambush. And of course players will also have to be wary of Velkhana, the new Elder Dragon and main antagonist of the expansion.

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Luckily for hunters both new and old though, we have some new tools to help us out. The Clutch Claw allows players to use a new Mount technique that can make builds that were less suitable for mount attacks more viable in Iceborne. The Clutch Claw can leave you vulnerable though if you miss your mount, so be careful when using it.

Another new item, the  Flinch Shot, even allows players to force monsters to move in certain ways, potentially useful for steering quarry into a waiting trap.

Beyond the new area and the items that come along with it, there are some other challenges to overcome. The new Master Rank hunts unlock as part of a new story picking up after the events from the main game. Things start off with Commission members noticing strange behaviors and new species, and things quickly accelerate from there.

Iceborne takes players to the frozen Hoarfrost Reach when it launches for PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2019. A PC release will follow this Winter.

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