How to Get Called Up in Road to The Show: MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22

The allure of the game and its storied legacy is a huge part of why people love baseball, and the video games based on it try very hard to capture that feel.  MLB The Show 22 takes this to a new level with expanding the create-a-player mode to be much more refined and fun to play. You get to take a player all the way through their career, and make choices about how you want to develop as a player.

With the Road to the Show mode, you can choose your path to super stardom on the legendary diamond. But you don’t start at the top. If you’re familiar with Road To The Show, you know how much work it is just to get called up in Road to The Show. This means you’re finally making it to the big leagues, and you’re ready to play for real. MLB The Show 22 makes this pretty hard, but not impossible. Keep reading to learn some tricks.

How to Get Called Up in Road to The Show: MLB The Show 22

There are the minor leagues in baseball, which consist of single-A, double-A, and triple-A teams. Beyond that, you have the major leagues, where the MLB reigns. The majors are the big time, and that’s your goal, but getting there won’t be easy. Luckily, in MLB The Show 22, you do get a few advantages. You don’t have to work your way through the bottom rung, as you start in Double A ball instead of all the way down in the development minors.

Getting called up in Road to The Show means that you’re playing well, first and foremost. The first thing to remember is that MLB franchises will only consider calling you up from a minor league team if you are the highest-rated player on that team. You need to be a shining star if you plan to find success here.

Play for your role, and the team

Each team needs players that specialize in their key areas. The way your character is designed plays a big part in how successful they are throughout their career. If you designed a pinch hitter meant for driving runs at key moments, you’re not going to play as well if you’re aiming for home runs every time. Playing towards team goals rather than your own personal development will often support this. If you’re spending time and effort on getting better in the areas that the team needs, the game weights that in your favor.

Teams will often have needs in the majors that they will want to get filled. Meeting this demand can be a great way to move up the ladder as well. This approach is best used when you have a team you really want to play for. Identify developing gaps in their lineup, and exploit them to get on the team.

Play for yourself

The other option is to play the role you want to play, team demand be damned. You will always want to focus on your key areas, but you can be a bit more freeform in your playstyle if you’re less concerned with being picked up by a certain team.

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Building your player as you work your way through the minor leagues is a big part of Road to the Show—but if you’re only focused on playing a certain position, you will have a much clearer goal. If you want to play a pitcher, focus entirely on that and don’t worry about how you do in other areas. Teams will always have demand for solid players that are laser-focused on one thing.

The advantage to this method is that you would get to play in the position you want. It will also probably be quicker for you to get to the major leagues as well since you’ll be the best player in that position right from the start.

Other things to know

Random events also happen sometimes, and you need to respond to them in the right way. Getting along with teammates helps both on and off the field. Every so often you will have to converse with teammates and staff in the downtime between games. If you want to get called up to the majors, try to develop a reputation for both being a team player and being a helpful friend. Respond positively and be supportive to both coaches and teammates, it will help in the long run.

MLB The Show 22 is out, bringing baseball fans to a new level of customization and realism. There are many different skills you will put to use on the field in MLB The Show 22, and they can be kind of complicated. You also have plenty of options for both customization and improvement. Editing uniforms to get your own style is just the beginning. Once you’ve found the style you like, you need to focus on getting better. Getting on the field in the pros is just the start of your career. Players will have to deal with all kinds of challenges as they grow in skill. As you become a better player and improve your skills, your focus and archetypes may change as well. If you’re more focused on running the team, improving your players in MLB The Show 22 is pretty important as well.

Aside from managing your time on the mound, you should be coordinating your roster. You can actually do a mound visit to handle most of this stuff.  This game has plenty of other things to learn. Once you’ve finished changing things up, you might want to improve your pitching control with mastering the slide step. Learning to use specialty hits like a bunt is key as well.

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