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Planet Zoo: Australia Pack announced with new trailer

Planet Zoo: Australia Pack

The newest DLC pack for Planet Zoo has been announced. Along with this new DLC, players are all getting their own batch of free updates as well. The big new DLC pack, called the Planet Zoo: Australia Pack, includes a bunch of new stuff themed after the island nation. The new free update will bring the game to version 1.3, and it will release on the same day as the paid DLC.

So let’s run through what this new batch of content brings to the table. There’s actually quite a lot between the two batches of content.

Free Update 1.3 coming on the same day

The free 1.3 patch will bring a bunch of changes to animal spawns, mostly concerning animal colors and the like. Six percent of the jaguars, for example, will now be black jaguars, and llamas will also get additional colors. And not least of all, you will now also finally be able to turn lights in your zoo on and off manually.

Another addition will be a new quality of life feature called the Animal Food Management page. This will allow the player to better manage feeding their animals and managing the minutia of their zoo. The animals you have in stock will be listed here, and you will also see how hungry they are. There will also be a listing for what food the animals like most.

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Players will also have some new cosmetic and park attraction options to mess with. There will be some entirely new scenery bits in both the DLC and free patch, so everyone gets something nice. There will be a few choices for each type, including new foliage and three new paths, among several other item types. Zookeepers can also dot their parks with new food and beverage options thanks to new drink machines. These vending machines are cheaper, but guests are less satisfied by them, so they could be a good moneyspinner.

Check out the Planet Zoo: Australia Pack teaser trailer down below.

The Planet Zoo: Australia Pack will include five new beasts to tame, but there’s so much more coming from the land down under. At a basic level the DLC will include the Koala, Dingo, Red Kangaroo, Southern Cassowary, and the Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard. New flora, scenery pieces, and animal enrichment items will help fill out the new additions for the DLC.

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