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Nvidia confirms planned next-generation 7nm GPUs

Nvidia GPU

Nvidia Korea chief Yoo Eung-joon has announced that the GPU maker is hard-at-work on the next iteration of GPU tech. Samsung Electronics is partnering with Nvidia to create these new products based on their proprietary 7nm technology to allow the new generation of GPUs to pack a lot more punch.

“It is meaningful that Samsung Electronics’ 7-nanometer process would be used in manufacturing our next-generation GPU,” said Yoo. “Until recently, Samsung has been working really hard to secure (partners) for foundry cooperation.”

This cooperation has been suspected for months now, as lots of analysts have been seeing a ton of useful innovation coming out of Samsung, and it seems like a natural choice for one of the leaders in memory and chip design and manufacture to pair up with the leader in PC GPUs.

These 7nm chipsets could be very important for overcoming AMD as the latter’s GPUs are based on TSMC’s 12nm manufacturing process. And with the upcoming competition between AMD and Nvidia over the NAVI 5700 series and the SUPER GPUs respectively, 2020 will be a vary hot year for PC gamers.

As part of increasing focus on innovation, Nvidia is also in the closing stages of a $6.8 billion deal to acquire Israeli chip designer Mellanox. This particular plan isn’t directly related to GPUs, as the acquired technology and skillsets will allow Nvidia to put more emphasis on its data center segments by developing more competitive data-processing solutions for enterprises and other intensive applications. This will put them in more direct competition with Intel, who Nvidia beat in a takeover bidding war for the chip company.



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