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Astral Chain revealed at E3 2019

Astral Chain E3 2019 Gameplay Footage

So with E3 2019 over and done with, gamers are scrounging for details about the glut of newly announced titles. One of these titles is a new Switch release from Nintendo and PlatinumGames called Astral Chain. It’s an odd mix of collectible-hunting, and part action title. Astral Chain is directed by Takahisa Taura who was previously lead game designer for Nier: Automata, so we can expect plenty of over-the-top action and a really unusual story.

During a recent Nintendo Treehouse Live segment dedicated to Astral Chain, a fair bit of focus was placed on the hunting down of collectibles within the game. The hosts of the gameplay segment are quoted as saying that  “something good will happen” to players who manage to hunt down every hidden item placed within the game world.

The newest snippet of Astral Chain gameplay can be seen below.

The game features a very exploratory gameplay style, and a big part of this is uncovering the hidden secrets of the game. And as this is a weird indie title, we can expect some really strange hidden secrets scattered throughout Astral Chain. The game’s director, Takahisa Taura has teased players with everything from cats to portable toilets. All these awkward collectibles are scattered throughout the various levels and part of the gameplay loop is for the player to find them, so good luck hunting down interactive toilets in this new Switch title.

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These items can be found in “all kinds of places,” so players will have to exercise some degree of careful exploration to find everything and earn their associated rewards.

Astral Chain releases August 30th exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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