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Destroy All Humans! unbelievable $400 Crypto-137 edition has a backpack

Destroy All Humans! Remake Announced by THQ Nordic

Crypto-137 is coming back to Earth, and this time he’s even angrier. And to go along with the bevy of different promotional materials, THQ Nordic has something else to show us. That something is the various collector’s edition of Destroy All Humans! There’s actually two of them, because for some crazy reason every major game needs multiple high-priced versions now, and each one contains their own batch of bonuses.

The cheaper of the two, still priced rather highly at $149.99, is the DNA Collector’s Edition. This package includes the game, a set of custom in-game skins, and a bunch of different physical items. It’s basically the same as the more expensive version, while lacking one key element, the big ticket item.

Destroy All Humans! Crypto-137 edition includes a bunch of really interesting additions, if you’re a super fan willing to pay $400 of course. There’s the game, as well as a trove of physical stuff, like a keychain, six lithographs, an eye-popping stress toy, a premium box to stick it all in, as well as all the skins. The big addition is a custom backpack styled to look like old Crypto. So if you want  to have a disturbingly detailed rendering of Crypto’s backside strapped to you while you walk around, this may be for you.

The inclusion of in-game skins has me concerned about something though. Will THQ Nordic pull and Activision, and shove in microtransactions for more skins after launch? I really hope not. And I really hope THQ Nordic learned from Bethesda’s mistake and actually delivers what they advertise. It’s quite a sad reflection on the state of the industry when this is a common sentiment, just have to point that out.

Check out a trailer showing off these goodies down below. You can also check out the official site for more.

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