How to Download and Install Mods in Farming Simulator 22

How to get FS22 Mods

The latest installment of the farming simulation video game series from Giants Software, Farming Simulator 22, is exploding in popularity. The new iteration of the classic farming franchise has already cracked 100,000 concurrent players on Steam, and shows no signs of slowing. A big portion of the community just likes growing digital crops. But some players want a more realistic experience. That’s where mods in Farming Simulator 22 come in.

Modding in any PC game is a way of life. Some folks like to use new items that they made themselves. Some players just like to cheat their way through, adding in cheated items. Save editing and other tricks are fairly common. In the older days, things were much more complex. You often had to manage external sights, editing text files, and more. Using mods in Farming Simulator 22 is much easier.

How to Download and Install Mods in Farming Simulator 22

The community has made an entire website to handle the distribution of mods. ModHub files are generally pretty safe. Just make sure to check the comments on a mod before downloading it, and scan any downloaded files for malware before running or extracting them. To download and install mods in Farming Simulator 22, follow these steps:

  • Launch Farming Simulator 22
  • Select Downloadable Content on the main menu
  • Select the option to Show All Mods
  • Search the Modhub, finding mods to download.
  • Load any mods you wish to use and press X to install them on your client.
  • Let the mods download and install, the game will restart.
  • Load your saved game
  • Select the mod(s) you wish to load for that savegame.
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Most mods will need to be installed in the Mods folder on your machine. For Windows, this can be found in Documents>My Games>FarmingSimulator22>Mods

If you’re on iOS, copy the zip file into the following folder (don’t unpack the ZIP file): /Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator22/mods

The Appstore version uses ~/Library/Containers/com.focus-home.farmingsim22/Data/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator22/mods 

And now, you have the full menu with which to manage your mods. The added mod menu makes installing mods in this game so much easier. Be careful though, as some mods can be buggy. If you find your save game crashing, or run into other issues,

Since you can download new trucks and tractors, these offer both real-world and fictional vehicles to mess around with. Farmers can also get their hands on new crops and gameplay changes with more complex mods. Using these specialty mods can often cause conflicts, leading to crashes and other issues. If you find a problem with a mod, try disabling them one at a time to figure out which one is causing the problem.

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