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ComicCon brings more Star Citizen info – New Arena Commander after GamesCom


ComicCon this week saw lots of gaming news take center stage. Among those tidbits were various new updates and announcements for CIG and Star Citizen. A panel session for the game detailed things both new and old for fans.

Details were focused on the upcoming GamesCom conference, where CIG plan to show off several new multicrew ship designs and related features. They also announced an update to the Arena Commander module, bringing the game into a de facto 2.0. The new version will include a larger map, which will be used to test the new multicrew designs.

The second major point of the news from ComicCon concerns the module Squardon 42. This addon will serve as the single player portion of the project. Roberts promised during the panel that this module would have a the feature set and polish of a AAA title. More details about Squadron 42 will be released at GamesCom.

Today the game reached $85 million in funding despite recent concerns over the game’s progress. With so many backers involved now CIG really have to prove themselves in the months ahead.

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