How to create a male character from Japan in BitLife

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BitLife sure does love its challenges. Each week, players get given a set of unique tasks that tie into some grander challenge or storyline, and completing the tasks in the next few days earns a unique reward. It’s a great way to flex your might with the game and earn some interesting cosmetics. CandyWriter also brought out the Challenge Vault. If you pay $5, you get access to a roster of more than 100 of the past weekly challenges, but it’s by no means necessary. With some of these challenges, you need to be born of a certain gender, or even in a specific country. Other challenges have their own requirements, but this week is pretty simple when it comes to getting started. Later steps, like killing 10+ people, aren’t so easy.

For this first step, you just need to get a bit of RNG on your side. You need to create a male character who was born in Japan for the Death Note Challenge this week, here are the details on this step.

How to create a male character from Japan in BitLife

When you make a character, you can choose basic stuff like their gender and a few other basic characteristics, but some things are randomized. One thing that’s always random for most players is their starting city.

For this challenge, you need to be born in Japan. This process is going to involve a lot of randomness, assuming you don’t have the paid God Mode addon. If you do, just choose one of the cities listed below as your starting city and you’re ready to move on. If you do have that addon, choose your starting city as one of the ones listed below under Japan, and you’re golden.

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If you don’t have that option, you just need to keep making male characters until you get one that’s born in Japan. That can take a lot of trial and error, but it’s your only option if you’re a free player.

In the current version, you can opt for eight different real-life places from Japan as your starting point.

  • Fukuoka
  • Hiroshima
  • Kobe
  • Kyoto
  • Nagoya
  • Osaka
  • Tokyo
  • Yokohama
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