How to Complete What’s Up with Wurmple in New Pokémon Snap

How to Complete What’s Up with Wurmple in New Pokemon Snap

What’s Up with Wurmple in New Pokémon Snap is one of the many Lentalk Requests in the game. The Requests often involve a bunch of trekking around the various maps in the game to find Pokémon in various positions. The goal is to bring back a photo to the quest giver that contains the required mons in the right state. You’re once again going into the park that makes up the opening zone, and hunting down a certain Bug-type. Here’s how to complete What’s Up with Wurmple in New Pokémon Snap.

How to Complete What’s Up with Wurmple in New Pokémon Snap

  • Enter Florio Nature Park (Day) Research Level 3.
  • Head to the dam with all of the Bidoof on it.
  • Take a picture of the flying Taillows.
  • Wait for the Tallow to confront the Wurmple and other Pokémon further along the path.
  • Throw Illumina Orbs at all six Pokemon around that area.
  • Take a picture of Wurmple attacking.

This task actually involves triggering a few specific setups by taking pictures of the right Pokémon in a certain order. Start by grinding your way to Research Level 3 and entering Florio Nature Park. Make sure to go during the Day cycle to get things right. Once there, you’re headed for the first major focal point of the zone that is the Bidoof-riddled dam.

Head to the dam and look into the sky, snap a picture of the flock of Tallow in the sky overheard for starters. This will cause the Tallow to land a bit ahead of you. Head around the bend in the path and you should see a Tallow and a Wurmple about to fight it out. There will also be a bunch of other monsters involved in this giant melee. Focus on the Wurmple. These two are going to be pretty vicious, and you’re not going to make them be friends like in the Best Frenemies challenge.

Next, you need to toss an Illumina Orb at each of the Pokes involved in the brawl around the Wurmple and Tallow flock. This will get them fired up and allow them to fight. Slow down and wait for the Wurmple to fight back. You want to take a photo of the Wurmple as it’s attacking the Tallow back. Take the photo back the base and get it evaluated.

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There, you have now completed What’s Up with Wurmple in New Pokémon Snap.

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