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Grinding Gear Games tease new content for Path of Exile 3.6

Path of Exile Betrayal League
Path of Exile’s 3.6 expansion, Synthesis League, has been announced.

We’re still in the midst of Path of Exile 3.5 and the Betrayal League, with around a month to go until the League ends, but that timer hasn’t stopped GGG from teasing what may be included in the next expansion, and in Path of Exile‘s 3.6 update. And it also hasn’t stopped gamers from picking apart every tease and hint being dropped online about Grinding Gear Games’ future plans.

As luck would have it, GGG is on top of things with a bunch of teases for new content coming in Path of Exile‘s 3.6 update.

First up is a tease showing some new Hideout tilesets being introduced in the upcoming patch to POE. The spooky and eerie new tilesets look great, and the theme would work really well in a graveyard hideout or something similar. The new set is called the Haunted Hideout, here’s some teaser images:

The developer did also tease the potential for skill reworks in future patches. Another post on the POE forums announced ongoing balance changes for on skill in particular, Flame Totem. The skill is being shifted around in terms of its abilities and effects to create more build variety, especially focusing on creating synergy with Consecrated Ground, as well as opening up potential for converting Physical Damage to Fire Damage. The post also teases new Critical Strike changes that will benefit Consecrated Ground. No timeline on when this will be released, or if other skills are being targeted, but it’s still cool to see GGG actively working on making more skills viable.

And apparently the GGG team is also working on updating some of the in-game background music in 3.6, no details yet though.

The final thing we’re going to cover today is Supporter Packs and Mystery Boxes, and a new bit of cosmetic goodness the New Zealand develop has revealed. With the sunsetting of the Betrayal League Supporter Packs, fans eagerly await the next chance to get some exclusive cosmetics to throw more of their money at. Grinding Gear Games is all too happy to oblige,with a new Fairgraves Mystery Box giving gamers the chance to get some great cosmetics themed after everyone’s favorite ghostly mariner. Check out a trailer for the new Box down below.


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