How to get the Unixursal Voyager ship in Destiny 2

How to get Strange Favor and Coins in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 fans sure love their cosmetic options. The various armor options alone offer a huge amount of variety. Then there’s the jumpships and other player customization options buried within the game. One of the more noticable ones is the various craft you can use to travel between planets in style. A new addition to the game has given fans a new bit of kit to fool around with.

With the release of the 30th Anniversary event, Bungie tossed in a bunch of new seasonal items. There’s new events too, but that’s not the focus of this guide. This guide will tell you how to get the new Unixursal Voyager ship, a ship that is quite unique in its appearance in Destiny 2. While the UUnixursal Voyager ship in Destiny 2 is certainly one of the most unique ships in the game, it is also one of the hardest items to unlock right now.

How to get the Unixursal Voyager ship in Destiny 2

Your first requirement to unlocking the new ship is running Xur missions. You need to get the Strange Favor ranking all the way to level 16. That’s going to take some doing. Strange Favor is another new mechanic added in the recent patch, it basically tracks your progress when running the new events during the celebration. You will need to run Dares of Eternity dozens of times to get to rank 16. The effort won’t be entirely wasteful, as you will also get Treasure Keys and other rewards which can be used on a mountain of loot.

In fact, Treasure Keys are part of the second requirement to unlock the new look for your ship. You must collect seven Treasure Keys before you can fully unlock the new style. Just keep running Dares until you complete these two steps.

Once you have reached Strange Favor rank 16 and collected 7 Treasure Keys, you are finally ready to claim your Unixursal Voyager. You can head to Xur at his Treasure Hoard to finish up this monumentous task.

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