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Red Dead Redemption 2 mod framework, RedM, released

Zombies in Red Dead Redemption 2

This is some good news for fans of modding in RockStar games. The team behind FiveM, the online modding tool for Grand Theft Auto 5, has launched the first public release of their tool for and Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. RedM, as it’s called, will allow for full custom gameplay in the cowboy sim.

This new RedM tool will eventually allow players and server operators to implement the same features from custom FiveM servers into Red Dead Redemption 2. This means custom maps, cars and vehicles and a ton of other content will eventually be coming to multiplayer in Red Dead Redemption 2. Servers can even use the default AI, allowing for new PvE missions to come to modded servers.

All of this is in addition to the already expansive match and map creation tools that Rockstar could port into the game. Red Dead Online already has the unique roles system, offering a good base for future modding. Modders have already been cranking out mods for the game, including a new zombie mode framework, which is under active development.

According to the team, RedM is safe to use and will not get you banned. The basis for this claim is that the RedM client is entirely standalone and does not use or interact with the Red Dead Online servers and data. The only interaction you have with the RDO servers is to validate your game copy the first time you launch it. It’s worth considering that Rockstar or Take-Two could change their minds though. The publisher has infamously stabbed modders in the back before, with a rather infamous takedown of some GTA V modding tools. The company did eventually backtrack though, reinstating the modding tool.

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The first version of RedM is available for download from its official website.

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