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Assassin’s Creed Origins Denuvo protection cracked

Denuvo DRM

As Denuvo gets put into more and more games, it’s getting hit harder by more crackers. Assassin’s Creed Origins can now be added to the list of titles sporting Denuvo 4.8 protection that is now cracked.

Denuvo has released a new version of their anti-tamper tech since the release of Assassin’s Creed Origins which at least offers the Denuvo 5.0 protection to newer games. What appears to be happening is the crackers are getting smarter when it comes to removing protection offered by previous versions offering publishers a limited time of protection.

The main reason PC gamers boycott Denuvo protected game is its impact on performance but these cracks will not improve performance as they are workarounds for Denuvo protection which is still in place. Now Assassin’s Creed Origins’ protection has been circumvented,  I’m certain that Ubisoft will now weigh the decision to remove the protection from the game overall. But given that Ubisoft will often sabotage their games in favor of DRM, like the Silent Hunter series, it’s likely they’ll attempt to keep protection in place.

Game developers are making a conscious choice to buy into temporary protection against piracy for their games. And it’s slowly becoming a reality that this protection has an ever-shortening time limit.

Denuvo was recently purchased by an infamous anti-piracy outfit, so it remains to be seen how the cat-and-mouse game they’re playing with crackers will evolve from here.

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