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Delve conflict sees second front opened, PL Fighting Nulli


In a shocking development, CFC head TheMittani has found out just how much the loyalty of PL costs.  He has paid the nomadic mercs of Pandemic Legion to deploy to the regions of Esoteria and Feythabolis; with the directive to engage S2N assets there.

This comes on the heels of a slew of drama on Reddit involving revelations of the ousting of Lychton Kondur, and the founding of Pandemic Horde, their own counter to the now floundering BNI.

Pandemic Legion have announced their intention to create their own new-player friendly alliance known as “Pandemic Horde“. In a reddit post this weekend Gobbins, an experienced Pandemic Legion FC outlined his plans for Pandemic Horde and how it will tie into the new player experience, eve politics and Pandemic Legion’s modus operandi in general.

The next development for the boogeyman of BNI that is PL, relies on how the new deployment to fight Nulli goes.  Well-known FC Elise Randolph released the following statement confirming their being hired by the CFC:

Getting in on the chaos-before-Fozzysov bandwagon, Pandemic Legion have officially accepted a contract offer for an undisclosed amount from the CFC (or a huge number, w/e you think is more hilarious).  The contract will open a second front on the Delve/Fountain conflict in Esoteria and Feythabolis.   Pandemic Legion will be primarily fighting N3 members Nulli Secunda – who have yet to deploy to the Delve warzone.

CFC leader The Mittani sent this broadcast out on Jabber announcing the campaign to the CFC:

directorbot: Oh, silly me, I forgot to mention that I hired PL to kill S2N.

something something regards goes here~

~~~ This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all at 2015-04-07 20:00:02.545628 EVE ~~~

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S2N member progodlegend posted an impromptu SOTA on Reddit in response, which can be viewed here.

In a related development, N3 member Darkness. have released a SOTA detailing their plans within Delve, and the overall future of the alliance.  The SOTA was published in full on TMC.

The final segment relating to the Delve conflict is the public ousting and shaming of a defecting NC. super pilot.

On Monday, April 6,  Hel 001, the supercapital pilot owned by Cpt Taffy, formerly of Northern Coalition, was caught in a well-organized trap by the CFC. This resulted in the destruction of one Hel supercarrier valued at approximately 35 billion ISK.

To give a bit of background, Cpt Taffy of NC. approached AM0K. leadership about joining the Goonswarm Federation member corporation earlier this year in mid-March.  As terms of his acceptance into AM0K., Cpt Taffy was to spy on NC. supercapital positions, movements and activities for the duration of the current conflict in Fountain and Delve.

As the situation developed, Cpt Taffy made the decision to no longer deploy on NC. super operations.  His own paranoia meant he was now useless as a spy for the CFC.  After he languished for a while, Cpt Taffy fell into a trap set by AMoK.; after jumping through a cyno, he landed on grid with a hictor and Dominix fleet, supported by a CFC Wyvern.  This resulted in very quick death, and a very public shaming by NC. figurehead Vince Draken.

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